i slept in the bath

bit of back story. i had the house to myself this weekend, my dad had gone away with work. Now, i’m not normally irrational but if my imagination gets going I can get a bit hysterical. I love this story. I still do it.

Take yesterday for instance. With the house to myself I took the usual precautions of lights on and curtains shut exceptionally early, but for about three hours I kind of may have left the back door open. Now before any of you get any ideas, this has only ever happened once in my life and will never happen again. especially after last night. So, at about 11 i went to a friends house. By then I had shut the back door and was happily certain that I had secured the building.

For three hours we played computer games (I was stuck with boys) and drank posh cider (how suave) before heading out to the park, being all of twelve years old. Once in said play area, we listened to Billy Joel at an acceptable sound level and they smoked all of the two cigarettes brought for the trip. ANYWAY. after this I went home (they walked me back don’t worry), and it was at this point my over active imagination kicked off.

My normally comforting house became suddenly terrifying and i was certain that within those three hours before leaving, someone (or many someones) had entered my place of residence through the back door and were hiding, waiting to kill me. Just read that again. RIDIC.

for about ten minutes my common sense tried to win over the panicked other half, but to no avail. accepting my imminent death i sprinted to my room, grabbed duvet and pillows to do what any other self respecting individual would do – sleep in the bath. (the logic here being a locked wooden door would be the perfect defense against a crazed mad man).

I now feel a bit silly. :) xx