Day 7: it’s like climbing a mountain

by sophielola

This is my third bowl of cinnamon porridge. I like the smell. The taste is a bit disappointing. But every mouthful is one more towards a healthy body – keep climbing.

I have to admit I feel amazing. Placebo, whatever, but I genuinely believe I’ve noticed a difference despite it being such a short space of time.

– I’m still experiencing horrendous cravings. Especially for a sugary cup of tea. Do you know I think it is statistically impossible to write an essay without one? I’ll work it out.

– I’m sleeping 100x better. I hope this carries on!

– I’ve definitely lost weight, whether it be water weight or a little bit of tummy ;) but I feel more lean


On top of all this, myself and my boyfriend have started the Insanity workout. After two workouts, the price is definitely worth it.

shaun t



Only 58 days to go. Hopefully I’ll stick at it!!