I agreed to something silly

by sophielola

Oh golly. Oh golly my days.

I’ll admit I enjoy raising money for charity, and more often than not this involves participating in some crazy feat of endurance alongside it. Most recently I rowed 100km in one day (the biggest mistake of my life) and that was hard. Ten solid hours of moving and grooving in a boat. The boredom.

I’m glad that was over.

Guess what I was googling not long after. Endurance races. Because that wasn’t enough for five years. But I kind of lost the balls to do it alone and it has taken a few years to find people willing to punish themselves too. 9 people in fact.

So what are we doing?

A Spartan race. A teeny, tiny spartan race. 5km of fun packed fun. 15+ obstacles, a lot of mud and the threat of injury. Ideal.


Popular in the US, Spartan races (i’m sure) will become the next big thing in the UK…


We’re also raising money for charity, so I’ll be keeping you up to date on here how its going :).

I’ve already started training in the gym (I know it’s not the same as running outside, but I’m still being keen).