Bolognaise – my style

by sophielola

There’s something about a really good bolognaise sauce that completes a meal. None of that watery rubbish – a proper thick tomato-ey mess full of flavour and comfort.

Bolognaise – my style

they are all very red ingredients. i like that, don't you?

they are all very red ingredients. i like that, don’t you?


This makes enough for around 6-8 people. Or something (I never know cause my Dad has the eating capacity of a lion).

  • 800g minced beef (we go for lean because we’re healthy like that)
  • 2 tins of chopped tomatoes
  • Passata and/or tomato puree (again, just interpret this as you like. I get small pleasure from squirting in the puree – not sure if it makes that much of a difference)
  • 2 oxo cubes
  • 1 red onion (or 2 if you like that oniony vibe, finely chopped if you please)
  • Worcestershire sauce (not pictured because it’s a secret)
  • red peppers, mushrooms, carrots, parsnips … vegetables of YOUR choice
  • Seasonings (salt, pepper, herbs…)
  • Big pan
  • Spaghetti, pasta, rice. That thing with which you will eat your bolognaise. I like to use my hands

What next?

Heat a little oil in your big pan and add those onion pieces. Fry until nicely browned and caramelized.

Add your beef, oxo cubes and a good glug of the secret ingredient Worcestershire sauce

Let all this simmer in your pan until the mince is browned and everything is mixed together. It smells amazing. If you’re a sucker for seasoning throw in some pepper, a tiny bit of salt and some of those herbs. If you’re like me and sometimes forget – it still tastes yummy.

Once the meat is ready, chuck in the vegetables, chopped tomatoes and passata (and the puree if you’re a maverick like myself).

Let this simmer for as long as you possibly can. An hour, or two.

For the bake

Spoon this mix over some precooked pasta with a generous spoonful of cheese, and whack in the oven for around 20  minutes (180C/350F/Gas Mark 4).

Enjoy! x

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