don’t let me drive

by sophielola

Technically I passed my test almost 3 years ago so in theory I’m a roadworthy driver. In theory I should be able to jump into a nearby automobile and potter off down the road remaining safe and calm, whilst singing along to my extensive music collection. But. This is not the case.

Take yesterday, for example, I took my mums car for a spin – a whirl shall we say.

don't let me drive - photo

look at the sky. isn’t it blue?

Look at the weather we were driving through (I say that like it was a blizzard), the complete opposite to this past months level of overcast dreariness. With my mummy in the drivers seat and the boyf in the back I comfortably got the vehicle out of town, and headed onto a terrifying bypass. This lead onto roundabouts, crazy junctions and some interesting situations. All within 45 minutes. What an experience. I think I need a another driving lesson.


Or maybe two.