a spring clean – lemony fresh

by sophielola

ah the introductory post. how can i talk about myself without sounding like everyone else on the internet? I just don’t think I can. I like giraffes. 

My natural hair is average brown. I wear too many bright clothes. My dad thinks my shoe collection is too large, but I couldn’t disagree more.

I always make awful first impressions, and tell people so.  And then they judge me. So go ahead you judgemental bastards, at least I’m not the one with a problem. I’ll insult every one of you buggers before the day is over

nicknames currently in use: N/A. i am unnamed


So, finally. here it is, April. The month associated most strongly with bluebells and mown grass. Oh. Hang on Britain. This year is a bit different – and it’s also the one during which I turn twenty-one.

Following a very big re-design of my blog, I feel it appropriate to introduce myself again…and again…and probably a few more times because I love love love talking about myself. It’s actually the better of topics.

I’m a twenty year old student at a university ‘tup north. My first year of being a fresher was lived in luxury I had a beautifully spacious room, and I miss the ensuite to the point I’ve considered going back. I will admit now though, I am repeating my first year. Not because I was a complete slacker and failed my exams, quite the contrary. I passed what could arguably be listed at the most difficult degree to change onto … media studies. Mum and dad aren’t you proud ;)?

I am now be living with my five flatmates from last year, and I can genuinely say we are one of the most diverse groups out there.

Take your stereotypical northerner, southerner, high achiever, wannabe un-nerd, eclectic musician and crazy asian – and add alcohol into that mix. Isn’t that the type of party you’d love to be attending? [from someone who has attended said parties, I will have to decline your invitation].

Back to me. I used to dye my hair an outrageous shade of blonde. My favourite food group would be smarties and I can drink tea like its going out of fashion (but I shall not be, because that would be naughty).
I’m useless at life, because I have the well documented medical problem retardeditus.

Stay tuned.


look at my walking away

look how cute i looked 3 years ago