Mary Berry and me

by sophielola

I am a secret lover of the Great British Bake off. If you read my post yesterday you will have seen I was in the baking mood following breakfast with my Super Simple Sponge (cake). It didn’t stop there (unfortunately) and I then went on to produce a Mary Berry Simnel cake.

Oh Mary. Every other thing we’ve had going has been great – I’ve watched all her shows, I’ve read most of her books and I even have a small picture of her in my bedroom – but yesterday really threw me off. I tried to bake her traditional Simnel cake, resulting in us almost getting a divorce. Oh Berry you tease.

mary berry and me - mary

i nicked this image from an article in the telegraph ‘Mary Berry recipes: Countdown to Christmas lunch’. doesn’t she look cute

Trust Mary and Paul to add stress to my life. They promised a simple and step by step method to making this Easter treat. Sadly, even when following this guide (alongside the video) step 1 proved too much of a challenge. I literally could not line my tin and my laptop almost ended up in the oven. It took a good cup of tea and a biscuit before I felt ready to continue – and even then the task was arduous. That mixer she uses, well I wish I had one of them, because trust me beating in four eggs  separately was a workout in itself.


look at them standing there, having a bake

By the time I was measuring out sultanas, that cake and I were really on poor terms. Thankfully I got to leave it in the oven for over two hours and by the time that buzzer went off I no longer cared how it turned out.

My dad says its tasty though. So thanks Mary.  If you’re more able than I, I strongly recommend giving it a go. Obviously do it next year. That’s when the next easter is.