20 facts about me (you asked for it!)

by sophielola

1. I hate the colour yellow. Except foam bananas. And yellow socks.

2. I once ate smarties for 3 days instead of real food. Technically they count as vegetables (officially).

3. If I had a choice, I’d be 5 inches shorter. Or everyone else would be 5 inches taller.

4. My parents used to call me lilybet when I was younger – after the queen. We have what in common?

5. I have an obsession with finishing biros. If I lose one before the inks run out, it stresses me greatly. Or if someone steals it. Don’t steal them.

6. I’m a moody bitch. I don’t mean it though just sometimes I like to sulk

7. There’s three things I hate. You, liars and cheats. I’m a fan of finding an easy option though. So maybe just two things.

8. I passed my driving test, but probably shouldnt have.

9. I’ve written 243 pages of what I hope will become a publishable book. (every time I see this I want to cry as I can’t find the memory stick on which it’s saved and im slowly forgetting my plans for the ending. Dear god, let it be found, from me)

10. There are 3 bus stops near my house. I’ve never used any of them. Id rather walk a mile into town to save 30 p.

11. My cats are called dog, fatboy and stupid

12. I’m left handed but can only pour the kettle with my right

13. Even with my contact lenses in I still squint to read stuff. Just look mildly retarded

14. I once gave an old woman the wrong directions. Then bumped into her a bit later. Turns out id sent her to my house. Awkwarddd

15. There’s nothing I like more than sleeping. No. Nothing.

16. My favourite three words are – bashful, crunch and pop.

17. I don’t actually have favourite words. That’s just stupid. I’m dyslexic. I hate words

18. If you say something to me I usually forget it straight after. Lifes a constant struggle to have conversations

19. I categorically can not walk in a straight line and have appalling balance. If you stand on one foot I fall over. If you stand on both feet we’re in for some trouble.

20. I still have afternoon naps. But in secret. Or in the hallway on the floor. Not bothered.

21. Don’t be stupid. I said 20..